OASONS Nigeria ltd has a group of qualified and well trained teams of Engineers to its credits who are constantly and actively invovled in various major Engineering works and construction. Oasons is liscenced to carry out various Engineering works in the fields of:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Petroleum/Reservior



Oasons Nigeria Limited, a major Manpower provider to the oil industry in Nigeria and around the world, has over the years developed a very good and creditable organisation that has successfully supplied and administred top-flight experts/manpower, both Nigerians and Expatriate in the following discipines for our various clients. Our operations has been successfully actualised in SHELL in the following expert lines/disciplines:

  • Contract Engineers
  • Computer specialists
  • Completion engineers
  • Cost Engineers
  • Document Control
  • Drilling Engineer.
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electronic Engineers/Techs
  • Estimators
  • Geologist
  • HSE Specialists
  • IT Specialists
  • Material Co-ordinators
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Petrophysicists
  • Pipeline Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Production technologists
  • Project Planners
  • Project Managers
  • QA/QC Engineers
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Seismologist/palaeontologist Etc


Technical Assurance

  • Verification and Validation
    • Verification and Validation services assures that Safety Critical Equipment on the clients‘ Installation meet Industry, International and Regulatory Standards during  Design, Fabrication/Construction, Installation, Commissioning and will and continue to meet these requirements through out  the operational life cycle of the installation or facility.
    • We carry out document review to ensure design and construction have been made with relevance to industry and international standard and in line with client specifications.
    • We also carry out validation by checking and confirming that operational specification can be checked against achieved performance test and maintenance records.
  • Inspection Services
    • We act as 3rd party inspectors; while monitoring and witnessing inspections, testing (Factory Acceptance Test -  FAT, Site Acceptance Test - SAT, Site Function Test - SFT and Operational Procedure Validation and Re-Valication – OPV . 
    • Provide Pipeline Construction, Repair and Maintenance Inspectors to the Oil and Gas, over-seeing and reporting directly to our clients.
    • We review and mark up Inspection and Test Plans to ensure that required Hold points are identified
    • We ensure that clients project requirement are followed as per ITP and progressed as per defined approved test procedures & operational standards  and thus promote  employee safety in the work place.
    • Our Third Party Inspection services also ensures the quality of products; elliminate delays through our expediting operations which helps to meet overall project timelines and budgets.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Our Quality Engineering provides quality assurance and procurement control by ensuring that the client is provided with the requested products as per agreed requisition and specification.
    • We carry out vendor audits via clients platforms or on vendor locations on behalf of our clients.
    • Our quality assurance services ensure that overall project timelines and budgets are met using our expiditors to facilitate project, procurement and equipment deliverables in challenging environments and at the same time maintain our clients position on  HSE at all times.

Environmental and Ecological Surveys

Oasons Ltd has proved herself in various areas of study like environmental and ecological surveys

  • Environmental Evaluation Report-IBIGWE MARGINAL FIELD-MARCH 2004 (SHELL P.D.C. NIGERIA LTD)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of AKPO Gas Export Field ( Deep Offshore) (TotalfinaElf). 2004
  • Environmental Evaluation Report of Facilities in Agbada I & II Fields (Shell Pet. Dev. Comp. Nig. Ltd). 2002
  • Environmental Evaluation Report of facilities in Obigbop North Field, (Shell Pet. Dev.Comp. Nig Ltd). 2002
  • Baseline Ecological Survey -Agbada I & II pipeline replacement project, 2001. (SHELL P.D.C.NIGERIA LTD)
  • Environmental Baseline Studies-OBITE GAS PROJECT(FIELD DEVELOPMENT PLAN)-JULY 1998 (ELF)



Oasons Nigeria limited is also into Procurement, leasing and supplies of equipment and material to various companies. Oasons Nigeria ltd possess the necessary licenses (Asycuda) and funds required for the sourcing, immediate procurement of any equipment and material (Locally and international) and can guarantee prompt delivery.

Oasons Nigeria ltd has supplied and installed various Transformers, Oil tools, Computers, printers and accessories, telephone etc to various companies including Mobil, Shell, CIWA etc.

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